Monday, June 8, 2009

The Cleaning & Arrangement Day before the Competition

I know the actual date of the photo taken
is far away from the day I post this photos to this blog~
Kinda busy with my job this recent~
Anyway, nothing much to say about~
I'll just let my photos 'tell' you guys the story =3

Here are some photos captured on the training scene,
hope you guys enjoy.

Comments & critiques are very welcome :D

He is a student of Green Road Secondary School,
And also one of the school's Dragon Troupe member~

Ok......this person is kinda sweats me up =.=
He spent the whole day just to clean & swept the floor~
I think he was trying to avoid heavy works >;(

Thanks for Brunei Chung Hua Middle School Lion Dance Troupe for helping :D

Huhu~ Tommy looks so exhausted XD
......and......the "broom boy" is disturbing their way~ LOL

Ok!!! What are those three Townians doing?!!
Are you three come here to date or what?!!
Where are the others? @.@?!!!!
At least Greenians do their work even though there's one trying to avoid heavy works!

That's the end of the post of
the cleaning & arrangement day before the competition.

Some more photos will be added later~
Thanks for reading :D