Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Email from Unexpectable Person

Thursday, March 11, 2010

[2010-03-08] Lin Sheng Portrait Photography Workshop

Date : 8th March 2010 (Monday)
Time : 9am to 10pm.
Location : Wixin Photography.

Approx 20 above photographers attended the workshop.
A very thank you to Mr Lin Sheng for giving us a talk & guiding us in a very unique way.
Glad to meet such a humorous and nice teacher from Taiwan.

I was asked to reach the place around 8am. However, I reached there on around 8.30am...
Mr Fong introduced Mr Kim Teoh & Mr Lin Sheng to me.
Nice to meet you guys.

It's still early. I sat on the first row waiting & wondering who else will come.
The 2nd person came. Finally I have somebody I know.
Lucky I met someone I know in the workshop...
Then, slowly others reached the studio.
No one I know personally, mostly are known from facebook.

Morning part was Mr Lin Sheng giving a talk & explanation to us.
He really changed my mind on portrait shooting.
I believe when a customer is not what you want or what you like, you sure have this thinking...
"Gosh... This customer will be a hard time for me to take..."
"Bet she cant pose properly... or not photogenic..."
From there, he changed that thinking.
Nothing is wrong with the model. Every blame is to go to the photographer.
It's the photographer's job to find out the model's specialty & nice angle.

He showed us his photos in a slide. Amazingly nice!
His wedding shot is not what we see here, whc is usually indoor, outdoor, & garden...
Mr Lin Sheng tries to communicate with his customers and try to know his customers love story.
By there, he try to get the idea on what & where to shoot.
Hence, his photos creates memories.

On the afternoon after lunch, my friend & I made friend with a hobbyist from Miri.
We were given the chance to do outdoor model shoot after the lunch.
Thanks to our model from a dance association.
I forgot what's her name. She is a ballerina. Very cute.
Mr Lin Sheng requested her to dance, and we take photos.
I thought it would be just a normal portrait shoot...
We are required to choose out two photos for Mr Lin Sheng for advices & comments.

After outdoor, we proceed to indoor after the model enough rest.
Again, the model was requested to dance again...
Before taking photos, Mr Lin Sheng explained the lighting & positions to us, along with Mr Fong as our model.
Explanation done, everyone prepares for the model shoot.
Total three dance by the model if I'm not mistaken.
From climbing up the chairs till squatting down on the floor, I hardly can get a nice photos.
Everyone were required to change place after a few minutes so that everyone will have different angle and photos.
Two photos were handed in from the indoor shooting. Total, four photos per person.
Photos were being commented by Mr Lin Sheng. After that, everyone was given a certificate, & a group photo, then end.

For other photos during the class, do refers to 古晋摄影人小小窝

Another up-coming gathering :
沈文谈人像 - 摄影分享
Do join us =)

Image credit to Lee Chen & Fong Wui Syn
It's F.O.C.

As usual, I'll let my photos tells you the story =)
Please do enjoy.

On the way to the old Malay house behind the studio for outdoor shooting.

Everyone is ready for the shoot!

There's the ballerina, acting as a cat and dance.

Now she's acting as if she sense enemy from behind.

She got shocked when she found out someone is tailing her.

Busy shoot model, while I'm shooting them.
It's behind the scene. At least one of us must record! XD


Mr Lin Sheng is directing her to act with what kind of expression.

Paul Moh and Lee Chen.

Fight fight! Scratch scratch!

Rawr! She turns to lion! Get into the car! XD

Woo! A 50mm gang! *high-5!*

She stares. Anyone might be her victim.

You can hear~ the rhythm of shutter!

As if she is gonna transform.

She dances gracefully~

Hiding in low angle. Sir, subject is clear. Shoot!

Hiding hiding away from enemy, glaring glaring you might be the victim.

Mr Lin Sheng advising.

It's actually taken at 1/30 sec! And we need to close f so much in bright weather >_<
More explanation while resting under the tree.

Get ready for group photos.

Angie is taking photos of her tail~


See something at the grass? It's Mr Lin Sheng!

And now, for the indoor shooting session.

Explaining the lighting with Mr Fong as the model.

It's in Chinese! Hoho. My brain needs to generate even more than usual...

It's... It's... It's D3!!! *bows and prays*

Haha. Nice acting Uncle~ You can be a great model too =P

Silhouette. I love this method =D

"Sui-bian-pai"... It's not actually... I wanted to take those soft back lighting XD

Ah Hua from Pearl~ Kenan, your colleague! XD
He is recording instead of taking photos.

Woo~ Poison poison~

Kim Teoh behind the scene.

How grateful we are to have him adjusting and shifting all the lighting for us XD
Thanks alot.

Another silhouette.

Mr Lin Sheng commented that I should wait a few more seconds to take a nice angle.
Such as her lips and her 45 degree angle body.

Out of focus effect is nice too!
I even tricked my friend that I went behind the background and shoot =3

Long lens is LONG~

Finally finished typing this post after all the busy and slow uploading line.
And there's more photos coming soon on cosplay =)

See ya later~