Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Messy Life

Dig out alot of old stuff in my shelves...
Hoping can get rid all the useless stuffs and kick off one of my table.

CNY card received when I was still in Sec Two. Cute and nice design, so I decided keep it.
The friend who gave me the card is my doppelganger......
Both our mom always recognized wrong when waiting for us after school or swimming class.

My messy table...
Was moving all my stuffs from the other table to this.

Enjoyed ripping all the useless papers and notes.
Threw all the useless stuffs and old calendar.

This was actually a lucky draw from Anime Gathering. Haha...
Another new thing to squeeze in my messy room.

One of my Communication Study assignment entitled Favourite Movie.
Any idea where I can find that movie?
" The Restless "

Look at the handwriting......
Notes from Harry Potter time!
It's a magic potion notes!
( Seriously, it's my dad's chemistry note O.O )

With all the mess...
I finally kicked off one of my table.
Now, it's to arrange back my stuffs!!!
Argh! Messy!
Gotta go now, else my room is still in the mess till CNY =_____=

Wish me luck......
( Talk about luck, actually I'm lack of it. I'm an Imagine Breaker! )

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