Wednesday, February 10, 2010

[2010-02-06] Steamboat Gathering

Location :
Hollywood, 4th Mile.

Michelle, we love you!! ♥♥♥ *hugs* ♥♥♥
And, have a great journey to your future =D
Wish you many many lucks and supports!

Heating heating.
Our soup was chicken flavour at first.
But then it was kinda tasteless, so changed to tom yam.
However, so spicy! But syok! XD
The soup is so damn addictive!
I drank one go every bowl, then rest... too spicy >_<

It looks like egg tarts.
And yes, we thought that is egg tart for dessert......
But then, it was actually butter! =.=

Two "egg tarts", curry tako, beef and chicken.
My first and only. Too full to refill.
Tummy was squeezed by the addictive tom yam soup and ice cream.

Thanks to our Shirley Tok mama, she cooked and stirred the soup and prepare for us XD

There, our Shirley mama ^_^
She looks so natural here. Like!

Michelle searching for? Lol.

Food soon to be dump into the soup XD

Hello Tzia Shen! ^_^


Theirs was tom yam soup, ours was chicken soup.

Introducing the sausage with cheezeeeeee!
Sally actually enjoyed squeezing out the cheese and watching at it =.=

Sally's cheese sausage.

Plates and stuffs from Sally, Shirley and mine XD
Most messy!
And look at the one big bowl of sugar in the middle!
Sally used it to add in the soup to reduce spicy XD
Any as usual, my big plate of chilly sauce.

While adjusting my cam for group photos, everyone was relaxing and chatting.

And, Tzia Shen managed to pose for the camera! XD

Tzia Shen, Jude, Ah Meng, Yik Kim, Peter.
Me, Sally, Michelle, Angela.

Fuuu fuuu, two strangers XD


Ha! Caught you ar! So scare? What are you recording? Lol.

Girls, let us chuu Michelle! ♥♥♥ \\\(>3<)/// ♥♥♥
Guys, you scared her...

Meng, what's with the sausage in your hand? O_O

Jude, dancing? 8D

Sugar, used by Sally =.=

Salt and seasoning... used by Sally also! O_O!

Yik Kim trying to act cool! XD

Kakkoi ne~ ne~!

Sorry for the OOF and high noise in photos...
Low light surrounding, so...
Hope you guys don't mind of some low quality photos cause I didn't use flash on the photos.

Haha, please do enjoy the candid shots.

Please don't mind my new watermarked.
Hope it's not too big.
Please do tell if it's too big. Thanks.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

[2010-01-23] On the way home...

Back from my work as an assistant for art teacher.
Nice sky! So wish can go to high place for panorama shots and slow shutter.

That's all I manage to snap clearly.
Others were all blur......
Shutter too slow... haha...

Messy Life

Dig out alot of old stuff in my shelves...
Hoping can get rid all the useless stuffs and kick off one of my table.

CNY card received when I was still in Sec Two. Cute and nice design, so I decided keep it.
The friend who gave me the card is my doppelganger......
Both our mom always recognized wrong when waiting for us after school or swimming class.

My messy table...
Was moving all my stuffs from the other table to this.

Enjoyed ripping all the useless papers and notes.
Threw all the useless stuffs and old calendar.

This was actually a lucky draw from Anime Gathering. Haha...
Another new thing to squeeze in my messy room.

One of my Communication Study assignment entitled Favourite Movie.
Any idea where I can find that movie?
" The Restless "

Look at the handwriting......
Notes from Harry Potter time!
It's a magic potion notes!
( Seriously, it's my dad's chemistry note O.O )

With all the mess...
I finally kicked off one of my table.
Now, it's to arrange back my stuffs!!!
Argh! Messy!
Gotta go now, else my room is still in the mess till CNY =_____=

Wish me luck......
( Talk about luck, actually I'm lack of it. I'm an Imagine Breaker! )